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I'm a fan of Pioneer dj equipment and originally learned to mix on Technics 1210s.

About Us

Technical mastery of equipment and extensive knowledge of music theory are foundational skills of the proficient dj - have high expectations!
Soundtrack your event with eclectic melodies, smash hits, full on rock or whatever else it might take to make your party or event a success
Special Events
Corporate Events
Harmonic mixing is fundamental in a dj set...a keen awareness of musics ability to effect mood makes the dj responsibile for quite a powerful tool!

From growing up in the 80's (with a rather musical family listening to anything from the 60's and 70's too!), through to DJ'ing in niteclubs and producing music aired on BBC Radio 1, your DJ for the evening has even been known to strum a guitar down in the local ( singing though)!

Rarely seen without music to be heard too; playing on some radio not too far away (TXFM, no doubt)...


Every genre has it's's just about them finding the right time to be heard...

With a love for music matched only by technical prowess (and the dedication to help see your event to a rip-roaring success!) delivery of a professional service to the highest standards is assured.


Happy guests means a happy client!

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